Vicinity Rules:
* Parking is available on the street (in-front of our house up to 2 cars only, strictly no parking on other houses frontage).
* Strictly NO NOISE and LOITERING. The rental of space is for this studio photography only. Do not disrupt the residential neighbors who live/work there during all hours.
Studio Rules:
* No vaccine, no entry.
* Apply alcohol upon entry.
* No outdoor footwear is to be worn past the main door for cleanliness and hygiene of the studio. We are sharing a part of our home so please treat it like your home as well.
* Masks must be worn in the studio at all times. Please follow the minimum health standards, MAX 10 PERSON capacity in studio.
* Please wash your hands before and after your stay. Models can take off their masks for shoots.
* DO NOT DRAG THE FURNITURE. Pushing/dragging furniture across the floor ruins the floor and the furniture. Grab a friend and lift the furniture if you want to move it, or else don't move it please. For both our safety, we will not go inside the studio.
* You may play music while shooting but keep noise to a fair level to respect the neighbours.
* No pets.
* No glitter props.
* No smoking/vaping inside. If you wish to smoke, please do it outside by the curb and not on our grass. Dispose cigarette butts properly.
* No drinking of alcoholic beverages.
* Attic/2nd floor is off limits.
* Always keep the doors closed.
* You may use any props inside the studio but if there are any damages, you will be charged at full price.
* Please return all furniture and props back to where you found them before leaving.
* If you have questions, please message us or gently tap the glass door to call us.