A fully-furnished rental studio / furniture showroom located in lower Antipolo Rizal, just 15-minute drive from the Metro. We hold space for BRAND SHOOTS, CONTENT CREATIONS, PRE-NUPTIALS and serves as a furniture showroom which exhibits our very own pieces from UNDO HOME. Inspired by Modern Mid-century interior, each corner is curated for that perfect aesthetic shot.






* 900/hour
minimum of 4 hours booking time
10 pax capacity



minimum of 4 hours booking time
10 pax capacity



minimum of 4 hours booking time
10 pax capacity



minimum of 4 hours booking time
10 pax capacity





minimum of 4 hours booking time
30 pax capacity

*Location: Town & Country Executive Village, Marcos Highway, Antipolo City (Exact pin will be sent upon booking.)



* Fully air-conditioned. 

* The entire space is fully-furnished. If you're not planning on using the furniture in your shoot and thinking of moving it aside to just shoot bare walls/floor/or use studio paper-roll backgrounds, you may move and re-arange it to your liking, however, our furniture is large and heavy and although it can be moved it still takes up space.

* High ceilings — 9 ft and 16ft ceilings.
* Bright living room with light coming through the windows from the south.
* Concrete finish and plain white backdrop walls.
* Decorated with Curved couch, Accent Sofas, Bauhaus chairs and side table, acrylic center table, 3x6ft arc mirror, book shelves, plants, art books, pottery, and various accents/props. (Decor is subject to change).

* You may use all the props inside the studio but we will not be providing any studio lights. You may opt to bring your own with no charge. 

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* The entire loft space is your private rental space to use including a toilet. 

Vicinity Rules:
* Parking is available on the street
* Strictly NO NOISE and LOITERING. The rental of space is for this studio photography only. Do not disrupt the residential neighbors who live/work there during all hours.
Studio Rules:

* Ingress and Egress allowance of 15 minutes. In excess of the alloted egress time will be charged as an hour extension. 
* DO NOT DRAG THE FURNITURE. Pushing/dragging furniture across the floor ruins the floor and the furniture. Grab a friend and lift the furniture if you want to move it, or else don't move it please. For both our safety, we will not go inside the studio.
* You may play music while shooting but keep noise to a fair level to respect the neighbours.
* No smoking/vaping inside. If you wish to smoke, please do it outside by the curb and not on our grass. Dispose cigarette butts properly.
* No drinking of alcoholic beverages.
* Always keep the doors closed.
* You may use any props inside the studio but if there are any damages, you will be charged at full price.
* Please return all furniture and props back to where you found them before leaving.
* Please CLEAN AS YOU GO. Collect all your trash, put it in a properly sealed garbage bag and place them by the sidewalk.
* If you have questions, please message us or gently tap the glass door to call us.